Sunday , August 7 2022

The Saudi artist Talal Salama is proud of her son's death


Ahmed's son, the son of the Saudi artist Talal Salama, died at the age of 16 after an accident eight years ago and was hospitalized for his death.

The Arab Media Center sent an appeal to the deceased for the death of Salam Al-Jazeera's son to raise the mercy of the deceased and inspire his family and his family to be patient and compassionate.

UAE artist Balkenes in her Twitter account says: "I sincerely congratulate Brother Talal Salama on the death of her dear brother, Ahmed. I ask God to accept the loving-kindness of his heart and to join the heart of his parents. "

Saudi singer Abdul Majid Abdullah expresses regret over her son's death following Talal Salami's death: "I condolate with the death of our son Ahmed Abu Muhammad Mohammed Talal Salama. We ask Allah to protect the dead person from mercy.

In Saudi Arabia, Abdullah Maharsh wrote Twitter on his personal account: "We are God and come back to him. There is no power other than God. Ahmed, the son of our beloved brother, Talal Salam, has come to the mercy of God. God has struck you, Talal invites you.

He expressed his condolences to the artist Talal Salama at Twitter. He asks on Thursday to be kind to the dead person who prayed at the Prophet's mosque and buried at the burial ground of Baqik al-Garcíd.

The son of painter Talal Salama has been injured in road traffic accident for eight years and has been intensely occupied last night.

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