Friday , June 9 2023

The Sun's Events American Studies: All members of the body are smoking


The Events of the Day – Smoking does not only affect lungs, it also extends to all members of the body, accelerates aging and does not alter the shape of the blood vessels, which makes them delicate, reports the US research.

Professor Vanderbilt University, Meredith Duncan, said on Wednesday that his team had conducted a long-term research on tobacco and other nicotine sources.

The study was attended by 9,000 people aged 27 years. Participants did not suffer from chronic heart disease or blood vessels, tuberculosis and other diseases.

The study found that the higher the number of people smoking, the greater the problem with lungs, heart and blood vessels, and refusal to smoke seriously affect human health.

Doctors say that even after 16 years of smoking, smoking has not had a negative effect on smoking, which shows that a cigarette who wants to abandon a habit can get this step as soon as possible.

Therefore, doctors are advised to stop smoking before reaching age 40-45, because the heart and blood vessels will not return to normal after 15 years to quit smoking.

"Five years after the outbreak, the risk of heart attack and stroke fell by 38 percent," says Duncan.

World Health Organization said last month that the number of smokers in the world amounted to 1.1 billion, and smoking would lead to the deaths of 3 million people per year.

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