Thursday , August 11 2022

The transformation of the 125 series "125th series Arrangal conversion" from the series "Transformation" was carried out by Turkestan and Nileat


Turkey's historical Artagrel series is one of the most popular Turkish drama in the Arab world and Turkey, so we offer you the transport channels through this article so we can see the Artagrill VV series and, despite the episode's episodes, this dramatic work dramatically increases, with the success of this series spread not only to the Arab world, but also to other countries, such as Greece and Armenia.

The Turkish series of "Ertgel" series is the start of the Ottoman Empire's "father" formation of the Ottoman Empire, the most important part of Islamic history, in the unification of the Turkic tribes and fighting the enemies through its power and wisdom.

Channel feeds from the series

Channel name Frequency Month
Qatar TV 10719 V 27500

11604 V 27500


Suhail Sat

4Shbab TV Egypt 11315 V 27500 NileSat
Yarmuk University Horizontal NileSat
TRT 1 HD Turkey 11054 V 30000 Turksat 42 ° E

The serial is distributed free of charge and is open on all channels every week, especially on Wednesday, at 20:00 on Wednesday, on the ninth day of Saudi Arabia, on the channel track on the Turkish satellite, but the series is in the original language and the Qatar channel opens. The series Mdbalja, then on the eighth day of Thursday in Egypt as well as the 18th Shabab of Egypt.

"Argerel Resurrection" series is distributed in more than 23 countries of the world and is shown as one translator in the aftermath of the great successes of previous years. However, the fifth part of the series will last until mid-2019.

All viewers will be able to see the new episode series This is a link

The episode # 124 of the series "Arjerelal Resurrection" was released on the Al Nour website. See full episode 124 The following episode of the series Artegryl's Revival series was discussed after the 124th Series of Series B, which witnessed special events and exciting events on the channel.

The Electronic Light Website Artegyle has set up a new episode in the Arabic Turkish series and has been of the highest quality to all those involved in drama, and also presented an episode on Yarmuk Channel a few days ago.

The popular Turkish series is popular among Muslims around the world, and its episodes are highly appreciated on the Internet.

After the events in the last episode of Turkish historical work, everyone will be waiting for the 125th series of the series "Araralyat Resurrection". The 125th episode of the episode will be broadcast on TRT TV in the evening on Wednesday, Arabic translation of Al Noor TV.

Many channels, such as "Yarmuk" and "Al-Jazeera", broadcast the third episode of the fifth season of the Artgrel series in the next few hours.

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