Monday , June 14 2021

The UAE is capable of managing global economic trends

Speakers at the Special Strategic Meetings of the 2018 World Future Councils in the UAE said: "The UAE can manage regional and global economic trends and will promote new trade based on new technologies and systems in the future."

Executive Director of the United Nations International Trade Center Aranca González emphasized that the UAE is stronger in terms of its readiness for the future, investing directly in skills, knowledge, logistics and sustainability of its economy and resources. Use the leading brands belonging to the UAE and other countries.

The fourth task, which requires the development of uniform international law, including the geopolitical factors directly affecting economic decisions, is related to the prospects of global trade, the second is digital economy, 12% of global trade.

González points out that the UAE has new trade routes in the world, making it possible for the UAE to link digital borders to local markets and to global markets and to deal with new digital transformations.

And for each of the countries, looking forward to the future trade routes through the Arctic Ocean, they need to make a clear roadmap for each of them, helping to strengthen its economy by showing that its position is a regional center for trade through the world trade routes, The need to build the economy lies in the adoption of standards of trade stability as future consumers know.

Thomas Hill, a professor at the School of Public Policy at the School of Public Policy at the Oxford University, has led to a steady increase in international trade and the number of international trade organizations promoting global economies to multi-polar geopolitical shifts.

He noted that geopolitical problems could weaken the influence and support of key international organizations, such as the United Nations and the World Trade Organization, and noted that it should be resolved collectively to resolve disputes peacefully through global decision-making models that help address current challenges, such as health levels. Environment.

Sumitra Dutt, a professor of management and professor at the Cornell College, says: "UAE has successfully adopted new innovative systems that are the global center for leadership and brainstorming, Blok's new curriculum has been adopted, plays a leading role in paying attention to Artificial Intelligence Systems and appointing an artificial intelligence minister, a trademark that characterizes the state of its success and should be noted.

It has become a common concept that can all become participatory, not becoming a specific domain of a particular group that can radically change the global theory of innovation, change our attitude toward the future, and help people become accustomed to it.

Christine Van Fleet, professor of materials and technology from the Michael and Sonia Kerner Fund, said that future consumer structures are based on new economic changes, using modern technology, namely, the three-dimensional edition adopted by the UAE will change as a future strategy. Creating new business centers focusing on new customers who work in line with new models.

It explains that consumers concentrate their choices on sustainability in the production, so they have several products from one supplier to avoid the negative impact on the environment.

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