Sunday , June 20 2021

The winners will return to victory, and Cavalry has been defeated

The golden state returned to Los Angeles at the end of the last encounter with Los Angeles Clippers, winning Atlanta Hawks.

NBA Gold States have restored their balance on Wednesday, after they won 7 points in the Atlanta Attack on 110- 103.

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The Barriors entered the strong game to compensate for the past game, but Atlanta Hawks broke the first half of the match and scored 49 points out of 52.

In the second half of the team, thanks to the shine of the star Kevin Durant, when the first team star Steven Carry was injured on the table, he was behind 7 points behind the team's lack of points.

Kevin Durant became the most famous player in the Golden State Warriors, winning 29 points 6 times, and Turan Prince became the best scorer in Atlanta Hawks with 22 points.

Steven Corey started off the ring with a ring injury from Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Clippers on Tuesday.

Steven Carr on Friday, Milwaukee has been injured by muscle injury in the game against the Bucks and has left the field after the third quarter.

The player has been exposed to the latest magnetic resonance imaging tests, which have been denied injury in modern hip muscles, but that is not dangerous and nothing is interesting as a result of radiation.

In other games, Cleveland Cavaliers was defeated by the League, after which Charlotte Hornets won a great victory at the score of 113-89.

Jordan Clarkson and Tristan Thompson, Cleveland Cavaliers, was a strong star in the match and helped defeat the Champions League's Charlotte Hornets.

The victory of Cavalerier Charlotte Hornet is the second victory since the beginning of the new season, and the team has been defeated several times because of its first star Lebron James's departure to Los Angeles Lakers this summer.

Clarkson was the best scorer in Cleveland with 24 points, followed by Tristan Thompson with 21 points, David Nubba scored 18 points, and G. Smith scored 13 points, but they did not win Cavaler.

Jerry Lamb scored 22 points on Charlotte Hornets, and Nicholas Batam scored 11 points.

On the other hand, James Harten has won Houston Rockets with Denver Nuggets from 10 to 109-99.

The star of the rocket James Hardin was strong in his team, especially in the second half of the year, scoring 19 points out of 22 points in the game, with the exception of his contribution to standard recovery with his team.

Houston won the match for Denver Nuggets second time, although he was not the star of Carmelo Anthony for the third game, along with news about his departure from the team, many replacements.

Clinton was the best scorer of Houston Rocket with 24 points and nine flexibility, with Kis Paul 21 points, Monti Morris Denver Nuget with 19 points.

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