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Unfortunately this month. Sama al-Masri published a bold version of "Topi Kadaba"


Author: ياسر ابراهيم – Saturday 10th November 2018 12:48 pm – The clock is the month of sorrow .. Sama al-Masri boldly depicts and "Topi Kdaba me"

The witness is, unfortunately, but .. Sama has published a bold and affirmed video of Egypt

Dancer Samama El Masri has released a new image on Instagram's personal account.

And the appearance of "Boldly dressed in Egypt" top "Kb opened his shoulder with daring makeup.

Most of the interlocutors interact with the image and his bold appearance, and one of the pioneers said, "This is my lie."

The artist announced the post in Ashura and called for a "repentance" and encouraged social networking pioneers to stop the circulation of their images and to resort to brutal drawings removed from their official account.


Thank you for reading the news about the Witness – unfortunately, but .. Sama Masry publishes a daring image and writes "Topi Kdaba Me" in the Gulf of 365, and you can inform that Bashayer has written the content and is completely distributed or referenced and you you can read and track from the main source We do not reply to the content of this news and the best wishes for Happy Birthday at the following link.

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