Saturday , October 23 2021

When there is chronic anxiety and worry?


There are just a few people in a week or less, and on the other hand, the product is given to some people twice a day or three times a day. That is, there is no real answer to the speed of the intestine, but it should not be for a long time, taking into account the risks of chronic constipation.

Abortion is chronic, if delayed for 3 days, additional action is required to facilitate intestinal motion. The movement of the intestine, which lasted a week or more, requires a doctor's opinion.

The survival of the stool in the breast poses a risk for more than an hour a week, and the medical intervention cuts and protrudes to a great extent. Those who go to bed several times a week usually live in a home, a dormitory or similar home.

It is difficult to accomplish if you have chronic constipation, delaying the delivery process and using a traditional toilet, as it helps to overcome this situation, whereas the muscles are compressed when necessary and the straight line is the anal gland and rectum point.

Occasionally, chronic constipations and diarrhea can not be abandoned in 3 days, and may eventually lead to diarrhea in chronic constipation.

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