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BMW Bugatti has produced a BMW with a specification


BMW Bugatti has produced a BMW with a specificationInside is a true hunt.

The BMW 3 Series E36, with a simple body kit, looks like a sedan. However, there are real beasts with characteristics such as Bugatti Veyron inside. It is about KIEVRACER Youotube channel, referring to Chronicle.info "Topzhar".

The famous BMW 3 E36 tuning master, Denis Kulibin, has spent about $ 100,000 on the project, which has a samurai heart in Bavaria. Under the hood, the famous Toyota 2JZ-GTE engine is made of Supra coupe and is equipped with a large Gareth 4294 turbine and methanol injection.

As a result – 1024 liters. h and 1055 N ∙ m The easy six g Getrag 6 is paired by manual feeding. Ceramic tilt, reinforced bridges and engines were installed.

Of course, modified suspensions and brakes. Additional noise isolation and removal. Heavy (1770 kg) car can easily reach 350 km / h.

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In this case we do not have a car – the car is adapted to normal roads. He detained chairs, cruise control and electric windows, and the girl. Additionally, daily exercise can be limited to 500 liters. h

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