Saturday , June 3 2023

Carlsen and Caruana in the 10-th jockeyball championship chess championship match


The Magnus Carlsen scored a draw with American footballer Fabiano Caruana in the 10th round of the Champions League quarter-final against Champion Tass.

The oldest party also went to bed. Nanyuan Carlsen and Caruana set up a new record for the chess championship by the end of the season, with the result that the party's contract ended with its start. The previous record settled in Russia's Garry Kasparov and Indiana Vishwanathan Anand in 1995, when the start of the final match was over.

Счет по итогам девяти партий равный – 5: 5. The next party will compete in the subheading.

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The match went live in London, with 12 seats in the classic control of the time – 100 minutes to 40 yards, it is 50 minutes to 20 yards and 15 minutes to the final with 30 seconds each. After each of the two parties is scheduled for a weekend. At the time of the total bet, the bet is breakaway, where the opponents break out of the party, with a tight control, damping, while the blame and well-known Armageddon – is a mini-dresser, where there are white fourteen minutes in front of the opponent, but not obediat.

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