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Day and Night Season in Kyiv June 5 to Watch 46 of 11/28/2018 Watch Online Part 2


Day and Night Season in Kyiv 5th June Series 46 Episode 11 / 28/2018 Watch Online Part 2 | Kiev day and night

Video: Series 46. Part 2. «Kiev day and night». Stage 5

View 46 series online 11/28/2018 In Kiev, day and night – Part 2. Do not Miss June 46 Series 5 in Kiev, Day and Night New channel

November 29

On June 28, June 28, Sam came to Kyiv to visit Pasha in the hospital. Maxim received a physical education at school. He organized disputes for Inna Vladimirovich and tried to discard the truth about fatherhood. Dnieper Julia and Max celebrate their new job. Julia looks for Alina's room with Paulina's father pictures, and …

"Kiev Day and Night" has been restarted! In the new series, new heroes. One of them, Maxim 's "Physic" Sosnovsky, is a "Best Model in Ukraine". By the way, if Kostya Voetenko, the voice of the series goes to Ukraine last season, all the series characters can speak in the new "nearest game". Love, friendship, betrayal and entertainment – a series of youth shows a real problem of real life and youth. In Kiev, day and night, 5 series 46 series appear online.

You can watch online in Kyiv during the 46th day of the day and night series

Series 46. Part 2. «Kiev day and night». Stage 5

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