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Eveline Blainez sincerely admitted


Eveline Blainez sincerely admitted She is said to have lost her son.

Evelina Bledens, a former mask show host, said she had lost her baby after being married for the third time. The 49-year-old Russian actress gave an interview to Instagram for the first time, writes, referring to RBC-Ukraine.

In a short video, Bladens says: "My best friends, do not ask me questions about pregnancy, I do not have girls, but I have two sons, that's my happiness, my love. my life is going on.

"Well, the mood of a battle," "I pray for your good," said Evelyn, "I wish you happiness, but you are the grandchildren."

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Note that Blaiden has two sons. The eldest son is Nikolay, he is 24 years old, he lives in Israel for more than five years. Younger son, 6-year-old Semyon, suffers from Down syndrome.

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