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For Grimchak, they do not make a deposit


For Grimchak, they do not make a deposit

Photo: Yuri Grimchak / Facebook

Yury Grymchak is in prison

Relatives of Yuriy Gryshchak will be transferred to the "family of prisoners of father-in-law" regime, the wife of the Deputy Minister said.

Julia Grymchak, the wife of Yuri Grymchak, deputy minister of the Ukrainian territory on the territory of Ukraine, suspected of fraud, said that she would not pay for her husband. He said this during the conversation with journalists in the courtroom, reported Letters on Saturday, August 17.

"There is no guarantee. Where do I get the money? I am very grateful to my friends, relatives and strangers. If I collect money, then money can be collected. But I thought, if I did this and did not get the money. What's in my card, what do I do with them? I'll go back. This scheme is inaccessible. In addition, we have economic crimes, so there is no question about money. make a contribution, "said Yulia Grymchak.

The wife of the Deputy Minister noted that his relatives are moving to the mode of "father-in-law family".

"We have A plan – to survive, to plan, to return home," he added.

In its turn UNN reports that Yury Grymchak has been sent to the Chernigov pre-trial detention facility.

In the evening of August 14, law enforcement authorities detained Yury Gryshchak and his associates for $ 1.1 million bribes, which were "hot" when they received $ 480,000.

On the eve of the trial in Chernihov, it was decided that Gryshchak was detained for two months with a guarantee of 6 million hryvnias.

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