Saturday , April 1 2023

Fork Law and UNIVERSITY have launched a special project, ACIK Wrestling: Modern and Future Mining Kriptokval.


Over the last few years, developers of BlockChain and ASIC miners have been involved in technological competitions. Developers are trying to limit the profitability of ASIC on their systems, manufacturers – to create more efficient devices. The new special project "Fighting against ASIC: the Future of the Future of the Mining Crypto-Currency", and ForkLog, will be based on this fight and what it will bring to the bloc industry.

We have come to the experts in the field of mining and technology to get a picture of the public opinion. Alex Petrov, Great Andrew's Great, John Tromp, Dmitry Zyablov and Matvey Sivarakak helped us to prepare the material.

The special project "Anti-ASIC: Current and Future Mining Cryptoalliance" is a material for the mining industry mining industry of ASIC.

You know what ASIC is and how it differs from other chips, the developers try to do ASIC mining and how they do it, and how it ends if it ends.

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If you can not do anything, see our latest skiing project, Paradigm Shift: Developing Blockholes in Functional Programming.

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