Tuesday , June 6 2023

Gandzyuk Gorbisheh promises to succeed in deadly bombing – Politika


The fugitive activists Yekaterina Gandzyuk confirm that the figurines of one of the players, the chairman of the VK "Batkivshchina" and the head of the Kherson Regional Committee Vladislav Manger will be seized from the streets. Anyone singing in the company Who has ordered Katy Gandzyuk? "Facebook.

As far as I know, Manger has gone from Kherson, as well as the deputy of the deputy or does not know his press service.

"Human rights activists, who have committed some of the crimes committed by one of the most prominent human rights defenders in the region, are challenged by the chairman of the Kherson Regional Council, Vladislav Manger, who has been fired from the streets."

Activists are not in the process of trying to get rid of any suspected of being killed by the gangsters in Gandzuk.

"Any kind of fighter, we think of the fact that we have the power to do what we can to be sure," said the reporter.

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The mayor, the mayor of Kherson, Vladimir Mikolaenko, called for the sincere respect of the family a client who suffered from a malady. Alternatively the judge arbitrated Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Nikolai Palamarchuk Igor Pavlovsky, translate into the assassination of the activist Gandzyuk.

In the beginning of November, BP has readied the creation of a temporary watchdog in 19 members of the European Parliament, with Borislav Berezovsky, a deputy from the European Parliament. The first session of the CEC was held with the participation of the following lawyer Gandzyuk, representatives of the MVD, National Policing, SBU, GPU, Mira Kherson and Kherson Leonard Andrea Gordeeva. First exit sessions take place in Kherson November 29-30.

Catherine Ganyzyuk dead on 4 November in the Kyiv Bolnnitsa. Official Citizenship: polystyrene and non – chemical reactions 39% of the body result from the use of chemical agents. After the band was in the wake of bandits Pavlovsky was the victim of a suicide bombing, but do not agree with the right organs.

Подробнее о о потенциальных заказчиках убийства Екатеринин Гандзюк Read the article Сергея Рахманина "Порука" in the weekly "Zerkalo Nedeli. Ukraine".

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