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Grozny: "We can not defeat four matches, we have to go to church"


Grozny: "We can not defeat four matches, we have to go to church"

Грозный: «Не можем забить уже четыре матча, надо сходить в церковь»

The coach suggests search outside the football field.

Head coach of Kyiv Arsenal Vyacheslav Groznyi defeated his team against Alexandria (0: 3).

"Football is not always fair. Often you play better than your opponent, and the score is wrong. Today, the team tried to match, and we played better than Alexandria. The result is unfair, he is not in the game, today we had to win. If they penalized, they would have crippled Alexandria, "he said. Grozny.

"It is not necessary to look at the table, it is necessary to make tragic conditions, and I am glad that our players played football. We miss Grinia and Oryhovsky, who did not undergo training for a month. We can not win four matches now, and we have to go to church. "

"Akulinin needs support, he apologized to the team for not paying a penalty. I never respect players in this situation, but defenders should be criticized.

"Those who scored half of an opponent are a class indicator. And at other times, we can not penalize and score. The team's syndrome is the last place in this score. Nevertheless, thanks to the guys for feedback, they played well. I regret not being able to overcome Alexandria.

Arsenal still remains at the bottom of UPL, while Chernomorets scored 2 points and 9 points from the Olympics.

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