Friday , October 22 2021

ID-card holders warned about election issues


The CEC believes that candidates may face difficulties, not voters.

Identifying card holders may face difficulties in the March presidential election. The chairman of the Central Election Commission Tatyana Slippachuk said at a press conference on November 13.

According to him, the law on presidential elections does not consider the presence of ID-card issued in 2016. According to the Central Election Commission, the Verkhovna Rada must partially revise the law "On Ukraine's Presidential Elections" adopted in 1999, "Ukrainian News."

– At the end of December, when the presidential election campaign should begin. Therefore, it is time to work hard to make amendments to the law "On presidential elections". There are serious issues if they are not properly reviewed. The law was adopted a long time ago, and during this time, new laws on corruption prevention have also emerged in the public procurement, and an electronic passport has been issued, Tatiana Sllipachuk said.

Later Central Election Commission press secretary Konstantin Khivrenko explained that problems could have an impact not on the electorate, but on presidential candidates as they had to submit a copy of their paperwork.

– The Law on Presidential Elections specifies what documents the person should submit for registration as a candidate. Among these documents is a copy of the passport pages of the Ukrainian citizen, says UNIAN Konstantin Khivrenko.

In 2016 Verkhovna Rada legalized biometric passports. It is given to persons under the age of four years, to the rest – to 10 years. Copying of Ukraine on ID-cards was one of the conditions for obtaining a visa-free regime with the EU.

In September 2018, the Supreme Court allowed its opponents to receive electronic documents and stay in their own paper book. However, schoolchildren were informed that in 2019, they could switch from WCO to the university without an electronic document.

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