Wednesday , October 5 2022

In Dnieper, ballet dancer entered the orchestra and went to glamor


The fall of the stage. At the Dnieper Ballet, the Kyiv modernist ballet team suddenly fell into the pit of the orchestra when performing the role of Princess Aurora in the Sleeping Beauty show, TCH.12.00.

He landed at a height of two meters and could not move. There were no musicians in the orchestra's pit, and the audience immediately rescued. The theater has announced a break. The ambulance took the ballerin to the hospital. Instead, productivity was continued by a partner.

It was an excursion at the Moscow Theater, but ballet dancer Elena Saltykova knew Dnieper's scene as she was a soloist in the theater. After fall, the team's leader, Radu Poklitti, told the audience that the ballerina was bumping.

"Everything is fine. They returned home, and for five days she was with us, "announced Poclitaru on the stage.

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