Friday , August 19 2022

Kia Soul has new features


Kia Soul has new features It is still unknown about the price of such cars.

The premiere of the new generation of Kia Soul was planned on November 28, but some of the features of the car have already been known.

The chronicle writes about this by referring to the autoblog.

Kia promises to equip the new spirit with cutting-edge technology and enhanced drivers' assistants. In addition, the highway will be much wider.

For the first time, it gets the X-Line version, which has a number of improvements for road traffic. In addition to the X-Line, the new Kia Soul GT-Line and Electric Soul EV are available. According to him, the power reserve of one of the latest charges has significantly increased.

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It is known that the new Kia Soul is equipped with a 2-liter atmospheric engine as well as a 1.6-liter turbo generator.

The next generation Kia Soul will go on sale next year. Then the price is announced.

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