Monday , January 30 2023

Kim Kardashian was criticized for taking pictures again


Kim Kardashian was again criticized for abuse of photoshop. This time the famous daughter has edited. Illustrations and later material information.


In fact, users caught Kim Kardashian in Photoshop. This time, the five-year-old daughter noticed that she had cultivated the North.

Thus, the subscribers compared the photographs taken by photographers among the well-known families in Bali and the comparison of Kim's microblog. As a result, they said that the girl in the picture looks slim and longer, and her skin color is lighter than reality.

Kim Kardashian with children

The original is left

Again, his wife, Cain West, has offended his followers. As a result, negative comments on his address were dropped: "Kids in the baby are the sweetest, do not let them down, God, Kim, what do you have?" "It's awesome!" What do you think about it?

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Photo: Instagram Kim Kardashian, and Kim Kardashian are fans on Instagram

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