Thursday , August 11 2022

LeClaire is the fastest in Abu Dhabi, before Markelov's exit from Kuat


Charles Leker took part in the first attempt at the end of June for teams to review the Pirelli tires in 2019. After lunch, Leklayer took a tenth of his taste and took half an hour from Pierre Housley at Red Bull. The day before Sebastian Vettel was the fastest.

On Wednesday, for the third time, the Force India wheel was faster than a Valentine Bottas car on the Lance Stroll car.

In the majority of the Sun – 155 – Daniel Kivat, who for the eighth time passed. Rácher Toro Rosso won one-third of Russia's second second, while Artem Markelov, who works at Renault, is in sixth place.

Williams was the only team on the second test day among pilots. However, these segments were unequal: after lunch, George Russell left a portion of his time for Robert Kubica, for an unknown reason, stayed for about an hour.

Throughout the day, a red flag appeared on the road: when Antonio Giovinazzi left the hole he stopped at the tunnel. conducted live tests in Abu Dhabi, Russia.

The results of the second day of the Pirelli test in Yas Marinada

Pilot The team Time Lag Circles
1 Charlie's Lectures Ferrari 1: 36.450 135
2 Pierre Gawley Red bull 1: 37.916 1.466 129
3 Lansing Walk India power 1: 38.044 1,559 122
4 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1: 38.448 1.998 143
5 Carlos Sainz McLaren 1: 38.547 2.097 150
6 Artem Markelov Renault 1: 38.590 2,140 129
7 George Russell Williams 1: 38,802 2,352 38
8 Daniel Kwiat Toro rosso 1: 38,862 2.412 155
9 Luis Deletros Haas 1: 39.069 2.619 117
10 Robert Kubica Williams 1: 40.265 3.815 56
11 Antonio Giovinazzi Sauber 1: 40,435 3.985 128
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