Sunday , August 7 2022

Nadya Dorofeeva has shown that she has had a bottle instead of an article "Ukrainian News". Latest News || Vesti-UA


Ukrainian singer, a member of the group "Time and Glass" Nadia Dorofeeva has photographed a promotional photo, Glavred wrote.

The artist posted an Instagram image on the lower back of the singer in a dazzling dress on the Instagram surface, holding a bottle of Coca-Cola. Positive (Alexey Zavgorodnyi) was forced to leave, and at one point the bottle fled to the floor.

"The Image of the Sun" – Dorofeeva signed the video.

Subscribers have responded to the video with humor, noting that Lesha does not even have a bottle.

The words "Heaven is not worthy of him", "There is no leech, not even a bottle." The words "Leha left and all lost" are the spouses, in other words, the tandem.

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