Tuesday , August 16 2022

NASA announces new co-ordination with Lunnaya program


On Thursday, November 29, NASA will announce a new agreement with American companies in the Lunas program. The head of NASA Jim Brandenstein has been contacted by Twitter.

"USA is returning to the moon and we are doing it quickly, than you think," he said in a message.

Screenshot: twitter.com/JimBridenstine

As told by "Strana", NASA found Opportunity a traumatic marathon. In NASA, they think that the burning of the shaved bubbles, the solar battery pack, has been reset and restored in sleep mode. The apparatus climbed on the crater of the Indeworr (in English – "Strength"), when the connection was interrupted. Set up your connection with the router.

I want to say that archaeologists have declared that there is no reason to believe that Noah Kovichega in the town of Thon Solomon in Iran. Immenno on the territory of the modern Iran, on the other hand, was born Noah and his wife after the adoption.

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