Saturday , April 1 2023

NASA engineer has proposed to replace humanity with saturn satellites


Despite very low temperatures, one of the planet's satellites, Titan, can be considered for future space cosmic colonies. This was stated by Janell Wellsson, NASA Cassini Mission Saturn Mission Officer.

According to him, the sixth planet of the Solar System is one of the possible places of human life.

"Titanium is a lone earth, a lake and sea-type fluid, but only a methane but equipped with the right protective equipment, theoretically without any harm," said Welleson.

NASA engineer Although Titan's surface temperature is about minus 179 degrees Celsius, people can walk without a protective suit. They may require only oxygen masks and cold thermal protection.

Welllson also notes that because of the very tight atmosphere of the Titan, people are not only protected from cosmic rays, but they are able to fly, "lay their wings in their hands".

According to NV, about a month ago, NASA announced it decided to send a probe to Titan, the largest satellite in the world for a year.

The dragon's team of predecessors wants to integrate IAA and tools at Mars exploration site to study complex chemical reactions that take place on Saturn's largest satellite. This year, NASA will choose between this mission and other offerings, which collects material models for the comet.

If Dragonfly's mission is selected, the test should start in 2025 and come to Titan in 2034.

Remind that, in October, the European aerospace area Airbus announced a technical innovation project for the Moon. Starting from 2019, small and medium-sized companies will be able to participate. The purpose of the competition "The moon rallies" is to develop the technologies necessary for permanent participation in the month.

Later, NASA published a list of nine American companies that will collaborate in launching shooting equipment. They entered NASA CLPS.

The listed companies include Lockheed Martin, Astrobotic, Moon Express, Masten Space Systems, Deep Space Systems, Draper, Intuitive Machines, Orbit Beyond, and Firefly Aerospace. The last Ukrainian roots.

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