Monday , January 30 2023

NBU named banks – violators of normative legal acts


NBU reported that on November 1, a number of banks violated regulatory requirements.

In particular, the N2 standard (capital adequacy ratio should be at least 10%), the City Bank (2.89%) and Credit Dnepr Bank (3.43%). These banks also violate the H7 standards (maximum credit risk per counterparty), H8 (Standard Larger Credit Risks), H9 (Maximum Credit Risk Standard for Transactions with Bank Affiliates). In addition, Credit Dnepr has a Standard N6 standard (short-term short-term liquidity) and L13-1 (standard long-term common currency risk)

VTB has violated the H5 standards of the Bank (current liquidity ratio should be at least 40%), which is 8.68% and H6 (short-term liquidity ratio should be at least 60%), which is 18.72%.

First Investment Bank (153.31%), FUIB (87.03%), Megabank (248.12%), Unex-Bank (94.1%), Clearing House (26.73%), H9 ), Investment Bank (214.36%), Accordbank (51.11%).

Ukrotsbank (32%), N7 regulator (not more than 25%), Ukrximbank (32%), VTB Bank (60.2%), Sberbank (34.44%), Alfa Bank (38.29% 36%, South (26.07%), InvestBank (53.66%), First Investment Bank (69%), Accordbank (50.49%).


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