Thursday , August 11 2022

Re-appoint APU to the National Guard


Some parts of the National Guard headed by the Ministry of the Interior will be partially subordinated to the Armed Forces. Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Major-General Tymoshenko said this at a press briefing.

"Some units and units of the National Guard of Ukraine are subordinate to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, so only subdivisions and subdivisions that have been prepared have been subordinate to these tasks. Tymoshenko.

According to him, short-term payments will be made by the Emergency Fund # 1, the military units will be hired, and the consolidation of troops will be completed.

At the same time, Ukraine is currently taking measures to develop air defense. In this context, Tymoshenko said in December that he would shoot at sea and on the target.

The National Guard now operates in the Ministry of the Interior and is the Minister of Internal Affairs, national Guard military-political and administrative.

According to the "Country", if people in Cambridge, who had previously used camouflage, would start to do what they needed to do.

We have announced in the newspaper "Guinnesses" that we are ready for the withdrawal of the holiday centers for the soldiers.

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