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Sailors from Ukrainian "sailors" used the right to translate from the Russian language


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Oleg Mel'nichuk used Russian as the translator

Photo: Facebook / Anton Naumluk

Photo: Facebook / Anton Naumluk

The raid commander, Yana Kapu, the Russians, Expert Oleg Melnicich used a Russian translation lawyer at a Russian-controlled trial, says lawyer Edem Smedlyaev.

This human rights defender is in the weather in Ukraine.

He (Melnichuk – editor) used the interpreter's right and said he did not understand it and translated it from Russian into Russian and from Ukrainian to Russian. entrepreneurship and anywhere, including the courts, to defend their innocence, – said Smedlyaev.


Let us recall, November 25, Russian The Don border crossing reached Ukrainian raid At that time he along with two artillery artillery artillery "Berdyansk" and "Nikopol" left the port of Odessa from the port of Azov to Mariupol, following the rules of international law. 24 Ukrainian sailors were arrested.

Yesterday Crimean "court" has detained 15 Ukrainian sailors for two months.

You have said that Ukrainian seafarers, who are currently on trial, do not speak Russian. View other Crime News, "Latest News" blog

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