Tuesday , August 16 2022

Sony dropped a Blu-ray Disc with 128 GB


Sony dropped a Blu-ray Disc with 128 GBAutomatically discard the technology by BDXL.

Unfortunately, the world of technology is now the most advanced compact digital data boxes, the Blu-ray discs are out of date. Sony announced a release of 128 GB of disks on the market.

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With a cutting-edge budget, you can either go for a budget or a full-fledged smartphone for the last decade, as the engineer Sony has made it to the contemporary world. In the first place – the quality of the video materials, and most importantly, the films, every year, will require, all the more and more space on the subscription.

The Blu-ray is 128 GB, with a whitewashed or neutralized argument, in Sony, to support the tidal tactics of physics collections of masterpieces of cinema. As well as the latest and future masterpieces of the movie, all the more "fascinating" layout of the free space on the discs, the Blu-ray record for the record holder has been raised to the question of time.

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By default, the BDXL technology, the ultra-slim and uncomplicated Sony, will allow for more than 100 GB of single-disc CDs.

Sony dropped a Blu-ray Disc with 128 GB

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