Saturday , October 23 2021

The ambulance drivers called Nikolaev. Videofact – News from Nikolaev and Mykolaiv region – photo


Two drivers of an ambulance drank after a wheel in Nikolaev one night.

So, on November 14, BMW Avenue collided with a BMW car, and the driver and passenger were injured. According to News N, two ambulances came to the scene.

Police officers carrying one of them questioned whether the driver was enough: he could not get in the queue, turned to the right and turned to the left. In the course of the conversation he smelled of alcohol.

The police decided to drunken the driver, while the Drager spray-meter showed 1.9 liters of alcohol per air that conformed to the average alcohol intake.

At the same time, the driver did not deny that he was drunk, but had a disagreement with his wife before shift.

As the two cars left the same base, the police checked out the second ambulance driver. He was also drunk – the alcohol receptor was 1.2 ps / m.

Drivers were excluded from the car driver and Art. 130 Administrative Code of Ukraine (Alcohol and Drug Trafficking).

According to OOZZEVEV, in Kiev, drunken drivers fled to the sidewalk.

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