Saturday , May 28 2022

They show the dead photos of RosMiI Karacenszov – show-business news – photos


The photos of the dead Russian actor Nikolay Karachentzov's death oncologic dispensary were the "exclusive" magazine of the Russian magazine "Secrets of the Stars". Scary photos about the artist's death were scared not only for readers, but also for RosMi.

In one of the frames, Carachentsov was standing open and in the other was a dead fan. The cynicism of these surprising pictures is bright even among the most shady shaped sharks.

Thus, the Russian edition has noticed that the horror of transparency of such images is frightening or offensive.

"Many people think that these horrible pictures will never end in death, but we still do not know how each of us will face a serious illness or eternal life in front of the gate." "People say that many people see the artist as a symbol of sex, but now the world is falling apart," said journalists.

OBOZREVATEL writes that legendary Russian actor Nikolay Karachentsov died on October 26 in Moscow. The actor should have been 74 years old.

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