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Toyota Camry Hybrid is a test drive, effects, characteristics / HB


Try the hybrid version of the Toyota Camry business sedan. Why determine whether there is a hybrid device – to show or to be good?

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Toyota Camry has been a major focus in its classrooms and remains the same. In any case, this model is believed to exist in Ukraine for several years.

In a word, it's not about Camry trying to prove something to someone. Each new model will appear on the market and … sell, sell, sell.

But the Camry Hybrid for our market is a novelty. I left for a week, and here it is.

Toyota Camry Hybrid – How does it go?

Thereafter, there are many comparisons to simple Camry. Also quoted in my article about six months ago.

For example, despite the hybrid version of a variety of suspensions, there are no major differences.

The high-speed lightweight steering wheel does not help sharp maneuver. There is no sharpness of twisting reactions at speeds, such as German cars or some Japanese (Honda, Mazda). In general, the car likes speed only with a straight line.

I'm not driving Cambridge fast. Trite Volkswagen Jetta roulettes well. But you can go to Cambridge all day long in Kyiv, nothing will bother you, and then German cars will take you to the dentist – replace the dirt from falling rock.

For this reason, many people love Camry. The machine encloses you with a force field that smoothes all the negative effects. A breakthrough in the acceleration, the potholes and blows on the track, rolled in the corners and so on.

In the previous review, I was forced to think how slowly Camry would be with a 2.5-liter petrol engine.

I even wrote that a gas pedal resembles a muslin young lady – when you pushed her hard she would get bored «what a young man you are! "

But the hybrid is a completely different story.

I previously owned a Camry with a 3.5-liter engine at the 40th Enclosure (272 hp). Kamri has not been transported to Ukraine for a long time, and every time I drive behind a 2.5-liter steering wheel, I compare it with my mistress. From the point of view of dynamics, of course, there was no benefit for new models.

But the Camry Hybrid is a long-awaited version of the replacement of an old car into a 3.5-liter engine. Honestly, I do not even want to focus on technical specifications … Okay, I'm here. He took my 3.5 liters old Camry from 7.4 seconds to 100 km / h for 7.5 seconds in a new hybrid.

Add a variable to the traditional machine instead. This is a great flatness, even extremely dynamic during acceleration.

Probably, this is probably the time to think that variators are much less than classic cars. But let's end this topic forever. Honda has proved to be not afraid of CVT. Time shows how they deal with Toyota.

In fact, the hybrid looks faster than Camry's usual petrol version. In particular, it starts suddenly. The difference in high-speed dynamics is slightly blurry.

Toyota Camry Hybrid – What's New?

Generally, quotes were liked by both geniuses and foolish ones.

I hope the first is closer to the first, haha ​​:)

But there is nothing I can describe the appearance of my latest generation Camry.

The aggressive design of the 70s dramatically differentiates it from previous generations. The car is large, but looks faster. Aggressive «The hypertrophy futuristic grid is ideal for dynamic movement on the "beaker" track. When viewed from a rear view mirror, drivers prefer to quickly clean the lane.

Camry on the profile and behind it does not look so wild, but in general it is very modern. I would say.

Some say that Camry loses design «Asian "I think that's not right. This term originated in the era when Japanese, Korean and other Far East representatives tried to make everything as light as possible.

Camry's design is still not as severe as the Germans do. It's easy and convenient, but I would not say it's great.

Put Kamrid near Volkswagen Passat (I am silent about the new Arteon) or Audi A4. Contrast is great.

It looks like the Germans are painted with a sharp pencil and Camry is painted with a brush and watercolor.

Toyota Camry Hybrid – What is the iOS code code?

No archaic design of the center console. The bend of the panels in the central part of the dashboard is very stylish. If the multimedia system screen is large and the physical buttons around it are smaller, that would be ultra modern.

So new and good.

Ergonomics are also in order, but if you regularly drive and use menus and settings regularly, you will feel the same archaism as those Germans have already been destroyed.

I liked the smartphone jacket on the front of the automatic gearbox and the hidden compartment under it.

From the point of view «grabbing meat "and all the bells and whistles Kamri defeats the Germans. Even in maximum confidentiality, security systems are behind the German systems of at least one generation. Here, for example, there is no system that identifies object approaching from the side of the revolutions as well as a comprehensive system of visibility.

The cabin is as wide as its predecessors. And here, by the way, the wheel base has grown by 50 mm, so there are more legs.

The armchairs are very comfortable, but here the degree of regulation is less than that of Lexus or "Germans." (not the main equipment).

The trunk is good – about 500 liters (in the premium configuration a slightly lower back row).

In short, Cambridge is a spacious and spacious family car.

Toyota Camry Hybrid – What is Weather Lights?

In Ukraine, Camry works with a hybrid 2.5-liter petrol engine with an electric motor. (total power 218 hp) and CVT.

Price is 1.053 million UAH. This is a very complex version with rear windows, front and back parking sensors (with braking function, wrong) and leather interior.

The price seems to be considerably bigger, but to compare the hybrid «five "BMW iPerformance will cost 1,495 million UAH. Unlike this price, you can buy other Camry, but gasoline and second order.

That is why the pricing is quite a phenomenon. Especially when you consider fuel economy.

In the combined cycle the manufacturer requires 4.5 liters per 100 km.

Of course, this is fantastic. More precisely, the fantasy of honest customs officers or the Obolon elves.

But if I am bad, the Camry hibris is amazed at its efficiency. My average weekly consumption per month was 5.7 liters per 100 km.

I think this is a very good indicator for a very dynamic sedan.

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