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Toyota showed the first image of the new Corolla sedan.


Toyota showed the first image of the new Corolla sedan.The Corolla Sedan can not get the 1.2-liter turbocharger of the 116-horsepower.

Toyota has released a series of new, twelve generation Corolla sedans. As you can expect, the car is similar to a sedan and a wagon: the car is the same as the head lens and grille, but the fog lamps are different.

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The new Corolla sedan will be introduced on November 15 and will feature the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA), such as Toyota Prius and Camry. The market-oriented model is equipped with hybrid power plants and atmospheric engines, including a two-liter quartet of the Dynamic Force Group, combined with the Direct Shift-CVT Continuous Variable Transmission.

It is said that the Corolla sedan can not get a 1.2-liter turbocharged engine of 116 horsepower. This module is offered to the European Auris hatchback, which will be converted to the Corolla after being released.

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In March, the American market introduced a new hatchback Toyota Corolla. The model has a CVT capable of simulating a 10-speed serial gearbox and a two-liter engine with integrated injection, as well as a time-varying valve on the input and output unit.

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