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On 14 November this year, the long-awaited event – Fallout 76 Steam was released, which was recognized as the most anticipated player this year. This is the fifth part of history that draws players around the world.

Its main feature is the multi-level capability, but it can continue the game itself.
Remind that, on the twenty-third day of the current year, the game was designed for those who are easy. Others began with the thirtieth play of that month, but it was available to all fourteen in November.

This is just the Steam game that runs and is only available in the Startup Studio. Bethesda decided to lower the valve platform to facilitate maintenance. Experts have another reason to talk to players without intermediaries.

Also, Bethesda Steam did not say beforehand that it would not allow upgrades or contact with the audience, so Bethesda does not want to share thirty percent with Valve.

During beta testing, players were facing a problem in a computerized version. Some players could not load the game and had to load more than fifty gigabytes.

Also, many users began to complain about other issues during the transition. For example, wide-screen monitors come with black bars. Players can not fix the gaming experience. This item is listed in the configuration files, but then the display field is outside the screen boundary. It has been determined that the speed of movement can be associated with the frame size counter.

Free Fallout 76 Play Steam where you can download: How did the test pass?

Bethesda apologized for beta testing. The company expected a mistake in the game, but did not expect players to meet.

"It's not the last line," warns Bethesda Pete Haynes, vice president of marketing.

Maybe some of the errors you have discovered are deleted, but not the fact. If not, the game is not too cheap. The expected amount to pay for the adventure is sixty dollars.

Note that the history of the game is very soon after the end of the nuclear war in the United States. First, developers said players could create the world after the players had left their homes, but after some time the alignment had changed dramatically.

In the toy organization, Enkevi, which also aims to restore state control, will emerge. Previously, this organization was hiding in the oil and gas facility. At dumps, you face the disgraced opponents and mysterious roza Rosa. And Brotherhood Steel once again invaded the country. It was revealed that this brotherhood and enclave have similarities.

Twenty-five years after the Nuclear War, in 2102, players were forced not only to survive, but also to rebuild the world and build settlements. In addition, the rest, the mutants, the fight against complete quests. Some characters are live players and others are cars.

The Fallout 76 game went into several genres, but with the ability to perform one task. That is, you can join a group of four players, or just go through the Hit, with other players.

Trailer and game file Fallout 76 Steam: What is gamepad?

In the only mode you can explore the world and perform tasks. If you come into groups, it does not mean you have to be together constantly. At any time, you can go somewhere and start building a base. ( There's no talk wheel, because the publisher wanted to take control of the plot players.

By achieving the task, the user gets new tasks. The developers determined that the game would take about a hundred and fifty hours after the main audience.

As a result, players will be able to counter nuclear missile opponents. That is why you need to work hard. First, you need to get all the code you need to run, and then find a good place to access.

There are also dudging modes. If a player decides to shoot an opponent, the picture does not produce the desired result unless the other opponent answers. Then the duel begins, you can work full force.

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