Saturday , October 23 2021

Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamenskiik surprised fans with a photo of a Latin American singer in Vegas


Known Ukrainian pop diva Nastya Kamenskih has recently been attracted by new fans of the new travel, Instagram photos in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, along with Latin alphabet J. Alvarez.

"I'm glad to meet today", the actress signed a photograph with mulatto. Users immediately notice Kamensky surfed the surface and was surprised by this picture.

Writers note that Nastya and her friend are similar to each other. In addition, the singer often goes abroad and his songs are very popular.

"I was in Vegas, our people are constantly performing, and I'm sorry for any of the locals. "Nastya, who is it?" "Nastya, you are attacking America, there is no need for your hits, there is no money", "What pepper," "Our princess? !! "," Squashka ", – users of the network wrote in a new photo of Kamenskiy.

By the way, J. Alvarez is called singer-regurgitant. It is a Latin American music style that can be familiar to Ukrainian listeners after the "Despacito", "Gasolina", "Mi Gente" hits.

Earlier the singer was amazed by the fans leopard leggings built on stockings.

Also, "Country" wrote how subtle the Ukrainian singer Nastya was Kamensky fell asleep in the crosswalk.

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