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US cinematographers named the best films, actors and directors of the year - Photo

Bradley Cooper (Getty Images)

The National Cinematographers' Council of the United States has received the directors and best films of the year 2018

The National Council of Critics of the United States has named the best film in 2018, released by Peter Freelly's Green Book. Up until this date.

Also, the critics' board dedicated Bradley Cooper to the movie "Starred," which was recognized as the best filmmaker of the year. Viggo Mortensen, who played a leading role in this film, was recognized as the best actor from the critics council.

The best actress in 2018 was Lady Gaga. He became the winner for his role in the Cooper film. The same film featured Sam Elliot – he was recognized as the best actor of the second plan.

The best screenwriter and best actress (Regina King) nominated Barry Jenkins for a film called "If The Still Can Talk" (Beale Street Talk).

The best animated film introduced the Incredibles 2 (Incredibles 2) cartoon (Incredibles 2).

The Polish filmmaker Pavel Pavlicovsky's "Cold War" (Zimna wojna) was the best film in foreign language. This movie is for the Oscars.

The Buster Scrubgs Ballad, The Buster Scrubgs Ballad, The Top 10 of the Year, "Can You Forgive me?", "The Massacre Diaries" (First Revolution), "If the Blues Can Talk" "" Mary Poppins Returns "," Quiet Place "," Roma "(novel)," Star Born "(star).

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