Saturday , April 1 2023

Volvo and Baidu make an unmanned vehicle


Volvo and Baidu signed an agreement for the joint development of vehicles without a joint venture. Volvo is responsible for the integration of the vehicle platform and equipment, and Baidu prepares a non-lethal vehicle, Bloomberg reports.

Today, most unmanned vehicle developers are technology companies that use modern wagons and turn them into autonomous vehicles and software vendors. However, such a scheme is inaccessible to massive airplanes, so some developers have already started collaborating with automakers or adapting their projects to easily integrate into different cars. In particular, one of the largest IT companies in China, Baidu has set up an open-source software platform for Apollon's unmanned vehicles. It can be used in various wagons of different companies using different equipment.

At present, Baidu and Volvo have announced the joint development of unmanned vehicles on the Apollo platform. The aim of the company is to develop autonomy fourth-order non-pilot vehicles in accordance with the classification of the Association of Motor Vehicle Engineers. This means that the machine can move completely autonomously, and the driver is not required to follow the road, even under difficult circumstances. In addition, fourth-level airplanes can handle this mode in specific driving scenarios or on certain territories, such as motorways.

Additionally, the agreement, which the company has made, is completely electric and is intended for use as a non-pilot taxi. Volvo chief Henan Samuelson said the company's unmanned vehicles would not necessarily be the same as ordinary private cars. Probably because of this, there is no driver for the cab and adaptation of the car. Volvo has recently introduced a conceptless vehicle concept with a steering wheel and pedal, its location may vary depending on the tasks. For example, you can sleep at night.

Baidu was ready to build a non-fleet vehicle with BMW's other European brand, but by the end of 2016, the company stopped developing due to disagreements about how to dispose of the final product. In addition, a few days ago Baiu announced a partnership with Ford, where companies will check the fleet based on the Apollo platform.


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