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Vyshinsky exchange Sushchenko commented on the Kremlin


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The Russian side is asking to release the head of the RIA "News Ukraine"

Dmitry Peskov. Photo: AFP

Dmitry Peskov. Photo: AFP

The Kremlin said it did not consider it necessary to replace suspicious Ukraine with a high betrayal Kirill Vyshinsky, RIA Novosti Ukraine's leader against the Ukrainian journalist, Roman Sushchenko, was illegally convicted in the Russian Federation. This was stated by the press secretary of Russia, Dmitry Peskov.

"We believe that Vyshinsky should be released immediately, this is not the theme for every exchange" Sands said.

The Ukrainian party repeatedly stated that he was ready for the exchange, and in such a situation it turns out that the Kremlin is not interested in Vyshinsky's liberation, Peskov reiterated: "Vyshinsky should be released immediately".

Recall the Paris correspondent of the agency "Ukrinform" Roman Sushchenko, who arrived in Russia for private enterprises, detained in Moscow in September 2016. Accused of "espionage"and the FSB said Sushchenko was allegedly an employee of the Chief Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

As you know, on 15 May, the Ukrainian Security Service reported that its staff jointly with the Prosecutor's Office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea has revealed the activities of the media structures network, is under the control of the Russian Federation and conducts investigative actions in the office of "RIA Novosti Ukraine" in Kiev.

On May 17, the city court in Kherson brought Vyshinsky as a restrictive measure. The defense of the cruel suspect was in house custody or wearing an electronic bracelet, but the court arrested the suspect for two months.

Under the test the prosecutor said Vyshinsky was suspiciouswith the statement of suspicion. They are accused, inter alia, of creating anti-Ukrainian articles calling for the introduction of Russian troops into Ukraine, the creation of Novorossija and the change of territorial integrity of the country.

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