Sunday , August 14 2022

"We respect Vorskla and know her unfair decision," says Unai Emery


The head coach of Arsenal Yunai Emeri told about a meeting in Vorarlka tomorrow, November 29.

"At the last moment, we know that the match has changed. We respect Vorlkoll and understand its unfair decision. But we came to Kiev.

How much does Arsenal give in a match? I do not think anything has changed. Now the game will take place in Kiev.

The decision to sell was a good thing to keep everyone at the stadium. We did not know this decision and waited until the last. There are many opportunities in Kiev, and I hope the fans of Vorskla will be able to enter the game. I think it's worth the worry about safety. UEFA has assured us that all security measures have been taken.

Many young players? They also make a lot of effort and are eager to do the exercises. We have many matches, so we give it to them. We go to the playoffs first and second places. But at the same time we want to give young people the opportunity, " correspondent Andrei Senkiv informs.

Vorskla will own Arsenal in Kyiv. Maybe with empty stands

"Dynamo" can not win the match with Astana! ?? 3.30? !!

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