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Xiaomi has unlocked a "smart" door lock that has six ways to unlock it


Xiaomi has unlocked a "smart" door lock that has six ways to unlock it

On developer conference 2018 MIDC Xiaomi AIOT in Chinese manufacturer of Beijing introduced «smart« Xiaomi MIjia Smart Door Lock Door Lock.

What can be done

It is also installed the usual door lock, it 's just stylish and there is much more to do. 7 security sensors are installed and available More than a dozen secret protection technologies.

But it is and he still does not exist There are six ways to unlock the Xiaomi MIjia Smart Door Lock. This is a classic key, password, fingerprint scanner, NFC, Bluetooth or mobile application.

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<p>The Xiaomi AIoT platform is supported. When the door lock is opened, the system knows that you are<span class= at home and Welcome to you, turn on the air conditioner, adjust the temperature and run other devices «smart« at home.

When and how what are you waiting for

Sales of Xiaomi MIjia Smart Door Lock will start on December 5 Here, its value remains confidential.

To whom the word is not far off Xiaomi's first door lock. Inside «pork bank« The company has Loock Classic, Aqara Smart Door Lock and Vima Smart Lock cylinder models.

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