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Zincchenko and Lyon: Guardiola fight because of defensive mistakes, bad ratings in British mass media and trust in Ukrainians


Alexander Tighenko did not have a very good meeting in the Champions League against Lyon. Manchester City went to the former playoffs, but the Ukrainian game was not really impressive. Statistics, a British journalist and fan of fans – in our material.

In the Champions League match, Zenchenko remained on the team for the second time with Manchester City. This position is already known – where his team goes to the support area when they support the ball. In this regard, Guyardi played 3-2-5 goals in the city.

Aleksandr could have come to the game with the Miner, and then he was badly open to him when he was leaving for Lyon. He violated the life of Maxwell Cornet, a Ukrainian man who lost most of the Ivoryan spouse Zinchenko. The Ukrainian national team has always been in danger due to the enemy's actions.

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Alexander's rootless root was perfectly suited for the depot, and then back in the opposite area of ​​the city's left-hand side, into a contradiction bar. In the second half Lyon striker Zinchenko, who still does not "make" the fashionable shooting in the first decade.

Zinchenko's defensive figures are so bad: 4 breaks, 4 explosions and 1 strike from dangerous zone. As a result, statistical portals assessed it as normal. WhoScored 6.7 and SofaScore – 6.8. This result is somewhat worse than the average.

However, in this case, statistics do not reflect the actual situation. Alexander won only one battle and failed in defense. The first player was City Richard Dann during the first competition IT Sport According to him, the choice of Gwynedd Zinchenko did not justify himself. "They are in the city now, they should play as if they were playing in the past – The departure of Tsinchenko was a bit tense"says Dann.

Alexandra did not show herself in the attack, but participation in the game (111 teams – first of all in the team) was worthy. If the precision and the amount of transmission were at a moderate level, then the diagonal diagonals were very small. UEFA's Manchester City journalist Simon Hayr said that only Zinchenko's crossing was successful.

English media rating and reaction from fans

Daily mail Zincchenko has set the worst in the match for both teams – 5. In the article, the publication notes that Guardiola's decision to release Alexander was seriously criticized because Maxwell in Ukraine left Cornwall too much freedom.

Daily mirror as well as to Zinchenko the worst 5 among the "citizens". Only Rame Sterling is more, and the rest is a lot. "It's a rare and great way to prove it, but it has a little impact on its team," writes the well-known newspaper.

Sky Sports Zinchenko did not show a negative result – 6 pointsLike many urban players. There is also no critic of the reputable edition.

Manchester News Leroy Sanna (4) and Riyadh Mares (5) were the worst offsiders. Zincchenko received a normal 6 points – Again the average result. "During the second half of the year, the city was playing in the middle of Lyon, but I did not manage to defend it," said the journalist. MEN.

City hours Zinchenko appreciated a simple average score – 6. Riyadh Mares and Leroy San was again bad. "It was the most successful Ukrainian actor, but it did not have much impact on the course of the meeting, mainly because of a little overpass," writes the profile resource.

Zincchenko plays Benjamin, who was then in the wound at the time. Official sources even reported that Josep Guardiola would not sell in winter. However, Ukrainians did not attack Lyon.

The fans were seriously criticized by the network. In many cases, he writes that he plays very badly, and can not be used on the left side of important defense games, which is much worse than the injured Maden. Here are the most constructive and harmless examples.

"Cienchenko vigladov in the Tsionu matki" at the beginning of the city in the middle of the flamboyant globe. For the gravity of the central pitcher,

"Dvil and Zinchenko are normal for the domestic championship, and the third is not the Euro Cup".

"Zienchenko, I'm the one who never thought I was nervous."

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