Thursday , September 29 2022

1972 The hurricanes of the Sun have dropped the quartz mine in Vietnam


Reports in Space Weather magazine explain how much Vietnam can handle the Vietnam War and how many days can affect Earth's technology.

Sun fire (strong magnetic energy explosions on the sun surface) and corpse mass (Sun Plasma cloud) can cause sunlight. Electromagnetic radiation emitted by them may interfere with communication systems. New researches investigated the effects of one storm in 1972.

The authors of the study, led by Professor Dellor Knipp, a professor of technology at Colorado Bowling University, reported that the extreme cosmic events that had taken place in early August 1972 had a profound effect on the US Marine Fleet. The long-lasting effects of the war archives in Vietnam give confidence to the severity of the storm: dozens of marine mines south of Hyeongong in northern Vietnam have failed.

This is the magnetic detonator of the American mines intended to be on the way when it arrives in the near future. Nevertheless, sunny stars in more than 90 million kilometers of stars were enough to launch them. In fact, according to the study, the electromagnetic pulse from the coronal mass injection, which left the offshore mine, reached the Earth at 14.6 hours (usually two days). The study also noted that the additional effects of the scandal were radio and telecommunications, visible illnesses in parts of Great Britain and Spain, as well as solar panels that could be put into orbit.

The newly discovered Maritime Fleet documents have proven that officials have caused solar flares to be caused by oil spills, but these records have not been fully explored until the investigation has been completed in Space Journal magazine, Gizmodo writes. The authors of the study described the daily activity of the Carrington class storm in 1972, which was subjected to a geomagnetic storm in 1859.

Researchers at the Center for Space Forecasting in Boulder, Colorado, told the National Geographic that Colorado's solar battery will be re-emerged with Carrington. The power lines will be blocked and communication networks will be damaged. Experts at the Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophysics Center in 2017 believe the cost of such an event is the same as the US GDP. Some scientists believe that such extreme solar activity can take place over the next 100 years.

According to Kipp, Yahoo Finance is researching how solar batteries can benefit from offshore mines, and scientists can better understand the solar activity in the future. "This event shows us that this is a storm," said Knip.

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