Tuesday , August 16 2022

According to the viewers, the Chase participant is the WRONG show after family shock


The Chase fans thought the episode of the episode was going through the right show after the family shocking confession.

Jane, Liverpool, opened Bradley Walshe's family mystery to cash-collecting tournaments.

The 59-year-old father told his father how he had recently discovered two secret families.

Jane, a HR worker, lives in one family runcorn and the other lives in Southampton.

She says: "My mother did not know anything about it. And my dad died, so we can not ask him.

Bradley said, "Your father was slippery."

Jane said that she had met with her long-lost siblings, but the audience wanted to know a lot.

One of them said, "Normally he does not want to listen to somebody's story, but more needs Jane!"

Another one is, "Jane Jeremy Kyle, Not The Chase."

The third one added, "It's not you."

Jane won a £ 4,000 sterling cashier, but was arrested by Paul Sinclair.

* Chase ITV1 working days starting at 17.00

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