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Alibaba's Singles Day Day is a 24-hour record for the world's largest auction – Asean Plus


Alibaba's Singles Day shopping extravaganza last year surpassed the record because consumers collected everything from consumer electronics, luxury items and even hours of night-time collision.

It is expected that this year will be the biggest of Alibaba, which hopes to reach a record $ 1 billion at the end of the 24-hour event. Sunday, at 9:32 pm, is about $ 131 billion. Yuan (approx. $ 18.8 billion), compared to 103 billion yuan in the previous year.

During the one-day event in 2017, consumers will receive $ 168.2 billion. Yuan has spent the biggest shopping festival in the world.

For the first time, Alibaba is expanding the Bonanz of the Day of Solidarity with the affiliated venture in Las Vegas in South East Asia, as well as, Koubei, Hema Supermarket and other business units.

This year, the total volume of GMVs or platform deals for the sole People's Day will be seen as the barometer of consumer spending and retail trade in the world's second largest economy.

Trading battles with the United States have dropped billions of dollars in commodities, which led to a slowdown in the Chinese economy. Experts expect the increase in the number of products produced by the beginning of the next trading year in the US. A strong demonstration of spouses' day, consumer confidence, is a major upsurge in concern.

Purchases help Alibaba create billions of dollars of cloud business

"If I make a profit of 11.11, then the bad news travels faster than good news and there is a lot of effort in the consumer sector despite some warning signs," said Frank Lawin, a founder in Shanghai, a former chairman of Export Now, and the ambassador to Singapore.

It predicts that Alibaba will record 20-30% of last year's GMV record, resulting in deterioration of the Chinese economy and consumer confidence that will soften negative media and will see more than a billion packages of Alibaba.

First, on the 11th of November, according to the Day of United Persons, the sale of various merchants reached 100 million yuan at the request of 33 major brands, including the "Buk" car, which ordered 7,000 cars.

Within a day half an hour, Nike, Uniqlo, Adidas, Procter & Gamble, Xiaomi and Apple sold 30 sales of 100 million yuan. After just one second sold 3,700 Singles Day special MAC lips.

Imported health additives remain the most popular among Chinese consumers as brands such as Swisse, GNC and MoveFree. Consumers bought the most imported goods from Japan, the United States and South Korea.

On a singular day, he received his name from November 11. 11/11 Written in a written form, the day looks like "naked ones," the united and unbalanced manifestation of the Chinese.

Many people in China have been regarded as the Day Against Valentine's Day as the antidote to the public pressure of relationships. In order to support these customers, Alibaba held its first Singles Day celebration in 2009 to serve these customers.

10 years: Day of Unity – Christmas Day, Boxing Day and Black Friday,

Today, the Singapore Day is expanding as a festival for all people, and Alibaba's annual twofold 11-star gala fills with celebrities and performances of millions of people interested in stores. This year, Stars, Mary Kay and Cirk du du Soleil have featured a four-hour gala-channel on Alibaba's YouTube streaming platform and other media partners.

The Black Friday and Cyber ​​Sells are the world's largest shopping festivals since Monday.

Every year, Alibaba uses its new retailers as a test box to explore new technologies such as integration of online and offline commerce, as well as artificial intelligence and advanced reality.

Other brands such as, Mogujie and VipShop have sold campaigns and promotions to attack their buyers to spend on their platforms.

"Depending on the 10th anniversary, we are looking forward to a much larger event than the previous years," said OC & C Strategy Consultants partner Pascal Martin. The event is becoming more and more "not only the purchase of products but also the purchase of various services [within Alibaba’s ecosystem]Travel to the mobile games in UC, theater tickets in Tropiaopia, music on Xiami music from youtube [Fliggy and so forth.]«

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