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All new movies and new releases to Netflix in December


Now it's time to leave the Black Friday and Bonfire Night and get Christmas. Will begin on Saturday, if you raise your scenery, you will not say, "Not as in December" and Netflix will be very festive.

Some Netflix originals already exist, they are known as the Christmas Chronicle, Kurt Russell and Vanessa Haggins, who play The Princess Switch.

Here is what you need to know about all the Christmas movies:

  • Christmas Chronology (STREAMING right now) The two brothers combine the highest flight from Santa Cruz to a festive adventure. New Christmas christmas from "Harry Potter" and "Lonely at Home".
  • Princess Connect (NOW STREAMING) – If the Chicago bartender from the Chicago and the princess soon find out that they are like twins, they make Christmas shopping plans.
  • Merry calendar (NOW STREAMING) – The talented photographer who lives in the world inherits an ancient holiday calendar that can predict the future and affords love.
  • Holidays (07/12/2018) The English Roses Iris (Kate Weinzlet) agrees to replace homes like the California Amanda (Cameron Diaz), who loves for a break. Iris is in the Hollywood Palace, and Amanda takes pictures of the beautiful English landscape. Jude Loew and Jack Black also play.
  • Birth place! (Now STREAMING) – Poyle (Martin Freeman) seems to be planning to turn his former girlfriend into a production movie that is responsible for managing a baby boy.
  • Deck Halls (NOW STREAMING) – Neighbors Matthew Bowner and Danny DeVito play the role of Kristen Davis in this comedy comedy.
  • Artur Christmas (Now on STREAMING) – In Santa Claus's secret toys company, Klaus instructed his son Arthur to fulfill the mission of Christmas.
  • Christmas Prince (now STREAMING) Earlier, when Christmas was sent to a young journalist abroad, he was the prince, the prince who was ready to become king.
  • Latest holiday (NOW STREAMING) "She has a terminological illness during her study, and a shy woman in Georgia decides to sell all her stuff and spend her in a wonderful hotel.
  • Christmas in Anjeles (NOW STREAMING) Visiting the church with her family on Christmas Eve gave Angela a wonderful idea. The story of Frank McCord, the tale of the heart.
  • Royle Family: Christmas Special 2000 (NOW STREAMING) – Baby first arrives on David's birthday and Royle sits in a Christmas party.
  • BoJack R & B Special (NOW STREAMING) "It's Christmas, and BoJack does nothing with it. Then Todd looks at the big candy pie and the episode of the old Horsin "around Christmas".
  • Peep Show: Season Shootout (NOW STREAMING) "Mark and his family go to Christmas for a lunch and Dobbie, who has not told his parents yet.
  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S: With unwanted brother (NOW STREAMING) – Fibia collects money on rescue days on rescue armies.

You can not imagine a Christmas movie, there are other comments.

Mugli: The legend about the jungle
  • Muggley: The Legend of the Jungle (7/12/2018) – Known actor and director Andy Serkis revives the lovely masterpiece of Rudd Kipling, where the legendary boy wants nothing more than finding a home. Ruined Mougli, the jungle and the two worlds among humankind, is in danger of finding out who is really. Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Benedict Cumberbatch, Freudda Pinto, Matthew Rice and Naomi Harris star casting.

  • Non-Sinful Man (14/12/2018) – In the 1980s, Oklahoma, in the small town of Oklahoma, had two disastrous casualties, and it remains a scandal to this day.

Large Lewbovsky
  • Greater Lebowski (7/12/2018) – Jeff's The Dude & # 39; Lebowski is mistaken about Geoffrey Lebowski, who is Big Lebowski. Why does she come out and tell her that she has expensive carpet? In the search for the prize, Duba gives her the name she offers her job. His wife is abducted and needs a trustworthy manager.

  • The Pianist (31/12/2018) – Composer and pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman played the latest live music heard from Polish radio waves before the Nazi artillery hit. There, in Poland, Schmilman fought for survival – even if he left the people he loved. He spent time in the wreckage of Warsaw's wreckage and spent time fighting for food and shelter.

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