Thursday , August 18 2022

Amazon customers' names and emails are "technically erroneous"


Amazon has shown some clients' names and emails as "technical errors," according to the emails the company sent to the affected customers. Several people shared their screenshots online on Wednesday morning. BetaNews reported the first case.


In the message, Amazon said, "We have solved this problem and influenced our customers".

Regardless of the exposition, Amazon said the affected customers do not need to change their passwords. But even if their names and emails are displayed, people can reset and email their phishing attacks.

Amazon did not respond to questions about how many customers are involved in errors and how long they have been. The Amazon Web site and its systems are not broken, says Amazon's representative at CNBC. The company did not say where the customer information would be displayed.

At the Customers Forum, people who have received confidential information from Amazon are surprised that the company does not recommend recovering passwords and that the link to the Amazon Web site does not have the "https" link as "http".

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