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Anna and Apocalypse: "This is a Christmas Zombie Music Set"


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Anna and Apocalypse have been shot in Port Glasgow last year and around it

It has become a trailer for High School Musical, which will inspire Ryan McHenry.

The Scottish filmmaker believes that the film is the only way to enjoy the movie, "if all the obsessed with it".

He announced the idea of ​​Anna and Apocalypse on Friday, which was released in theaters – more than three years after the death of 27-year-old Dyfrid's cancer.

John McFaul, director, took the project to the big screen.

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The movie is on Friday in UK cinemas

"It was Ryan McHenry's brain," he said.

Ryan scanned and sent a short film "Zombie Musical" that won the Scottie New Talent Bafta.

"Then he turned Black Tommy into a feature film."

However, Ryan Gossing's award-winning man, McHenry, was unable to complete the project, saying his viral images could not be eaten.

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According to John McFaul, the film has "serious gossip and gossip,

"By design and development, Ryan was diagnosed with cancer and, unfortunately, died in 2015," said McPail.

His long-time friend and producer Naun Aley-Carew did not want to leave the project, so he wanted to remember it, so he began looking for directors.

"Unfortunately, they did not see the horror as a result of filmmakers and music directors."

Did they see Makpal's where to go? – The romantic comedy, which lives at home in Glasgow, is when it comes to her.

According to him, his last project surprised the audience.

"It's a very funny and wonderful movie, it has really important messages and delicacies – it's about children and deaths," he said.

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Ella Hunt said that she likes "smart conclusions," such as Anna and Apocalypse

"People are crying and crying at their feet, because they cry.

"They are laughing and crying, and this joyful movie is glad, it's awesome."

She said she was "cracked" by answering at the film festivals and hoping she had a great deal of enthusiasm.

"It's not just for children, but for fans of horror, not just for fans of music," he said.

"We're all happy to go, enjoy, feel good, and enjoy the movie theater.

Scottish place

In the beginning of this year, McFaul nominated the Bafta Scottish nomination for the best filmmaking as "surprising".

"This is a Christmas zombie musical kit, it's nuts," he said.

The film is also proud of Scottish roots and location.

"Port Glas was wonderful for us, and people were great," added John McPaul.

"We will be in the wind, rain and snow – it does not matter what we have, because it's ours.

"Here we are, we do it."

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According to the film director, "issues related to age" will be discussed

However, there was a difficulty for Anna Hunt, an actress who played Anna.

"Scotland is a great place for shooting, and we have a wonderful Scottish crew," he said.

"One of the biggest problems was cold, because we were shot in February 2017, so it really was really cold."

However, he said that he would want security from the start.

"I rely on advice," she says.

"I have been looking for teenage girls who are not marginalized and three-dimensional.

"Hannah has a lot to do, and she's got a great chance, so I have to shoot at once."

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Tommy Riley and Roddy Hart provided music for the movie

The film was presented by Rody Hart and Tommy Riley, who described the project as "absolutely intriguing" from the beginning.

"We've never written music, so there's a whole new world to enter into this writing style," says Raylie.

He described it as "total musical freedom."

"In my opinion, what we like is a great project," said Hart.

"This is zombie music with comedy elements in Scotland, what can be wrong with me?

"Every time we see it, we can find something new – a magical movie."

"Really Delighted"

The finished film is for McHenry – and the person who takes the role of director believes he likes it.

"I can not make a movie, I can not make someone else's opinion, but I can do it myself," Mr McFaul said.

However, thanks to Mc Henry's friends who are involved in the film, he thinks he is gifted with his memory.

"I know from their reactions that I'm proud of it and that it really is true," he said.

"It's a realistic practitioner and funny guy, and it's a real respect for a sweet, sweet person."

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