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Australian Release date, price, pre-order, etc.


Later Battlefield 1 The clock is wrapped in the Great War, DICE rebuilds the series with a new image of the Second World War.

Battlefield V a new player campaign, a series of reshaped games with swathes of warriors, weapons and vehicles, and the newest steps in the entire game industry – Firestorm.

On a real battleground, you will be fighting across the world in historic clashes – from hiking streets from Rotterdam to the Arctic Circle and to the desert of North Africa through land, sea, and air.

He promises to be the most intense, bold and innovative in the Battlefield franchise. We have accumulated the best deals of all time, as well as the information we need to use at any time The game will be released on November 20, 2018 in Australia on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.


Battlefield V At present, Australian retailers are pre-ordered. As players have learned well, there are pre-paid bonuses for the game you bought.

If you are a computer player, then you have the opportunity to play really early. If you register for Origin & # 39; s Access Premier subscription ($ 19.99 per month), you can play the game from November 9th.

Standard Edition

Each standard pre-order comes with an Enlister recommendation. This includes a set of Firestorm ranges, a special task, a set of paratrooper mechanisms, and direct access to the 5 Battlefield 1 weapon.

Pre-order at EB Games makes you exciting Battlefield V Steelbook.

Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe edition offers the Enlister version of Standard Edition, as well as the ability to play Battlefield V five days before the base game, six paratroopers, extra special tasks, and customized items from Airlifts every 20 weeks.

Deluxe edition pre-ordered, You can play the game since November 2018.

Advantages of BFV Deluxe

Deluxe Edition edition includes early access, cosmetics and special tasks.

You can wait for Battlefield V

The most cruel, brutal and wars of the game. You will feel everywhere you go through your ear, and the bark of each region will feel the pollution near you.

"World War II, you've never seen it before" – the motto of the game and they are not jokes. Gameplay Battlefield V will always be more scary, realistic and complex.

Many players and personal experiences take place in the largest and most dynamic gambling environment in franchising history.

One player campaign

The difference Call of Duty: Black Ops 4EA decided to cut its solo share, and EA decided to cut its only player offer twice.

The stories of warfare are reflected in stories about World War II. You will play different countries in various countries around the world, fighting different battles.

There are five stories: Promo, Nordly, Tirailleur, No Flag and Last Tiger. The missionaries will live up to their hidden sacrifices, like the fairy tales of young women in Norway, in the days of war, to the hopeless final position of the German tanks commander.

It sounds amazing, if it's half of the promotional campaigns Battlefield 1I tear my tears.

More players

Battlefield V comes with several new multiplayer modes and cards, allowing you to collect and play along with interesting tracks.

Finalists like Conquest, Domination and Team Deathmatch will have Final Stand, Frontlines and Breakthrough.

At Airborne, there is a new kind of match with a parachute look on the map to sabotage the artillery weapon and the group battles to protect them.

But great news Battlefield VGreat operation mode. It acts as a warrior on allies or axes, or is assigned to attack or to defend the place.

When you play four games in the game days, the game takes place on several maps with different play modes. Your progress – depends on how well you work every day, whether you win or lose.

One day there is a problem with the enemy; so you will be on the two armies and armies. On the third day, the three-day drawing will mean the fourth day of the final battle, with limited weapons, low resources, and no responsibilities.

The EA website asserts that it is necessary to "fight against the last person". Fight the last breath. «

War wave is a limited time initiative that provides new modes, maps, and gear transmission. Battlefield V subsequent launch.

Firestorm Battle Royale

Yep, like any other game released in 2018, Battlefield V Firestorm is a battlefield mode. Today you know: the winners will meet winners – all in the battle of survival.

EA confirmed Battlefield's transition to a new gameplay, vehicles, weapons and firearms, a synonym for multiplayer experiences.

BF5 Battle Rhyme

Another battlefield mode is threatening PUBG's market share.

The EA and DICE mode have made it clear what's going to happen. However, we know that Firestorm will consist of four teams and will run on four major Battlefield maps.

Instead of hurricane, the battle is added to the fire ring, which slowly shakes the battlefield, and the squirrels must provide the goals that provide good equipment.

Unfortunately, Firestorm does not allow playing Battlefield V launched. According to a road map issued by DICE, it was delayed until March 2019.

«Battlefield V Visiting DICE as a studio is a return to the epoch of definition Battlefield franchising, "said Oscar Gabrielson, Chief Executive Officer of EA DICE.

"But as we are nostalgic about the Second World War, we are talking about an episode of this episode with an unexpected appearance.

"Our view Battlefield V allowing players to explore the new and undeniable aspects of the conflict that has shaped the modern world.

"The scale and the level of battles of each battle are not the same as those that were made in Battlefield, and the players come for epic journeys."

Battlefield V On November 20, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC are available worldwide.

[Feature and body images courtesy of EA DICE]

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