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Because of a decline in UK diagnosis, Britain is responsible for the global HIV goal


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HIV diagnosis continues to decline in the UK, as it coincides with the UN's goals for diagnosis, treatment and treatment.

He said there was no doubt about preventive measures to stop the HIV epidemic.

The new HIV diagnosis in the UK has dropped by 17% from 2016 to 2017, which drops among gay and bisexual men.

HIV-positive donations have made significant progress in the fight against HIV.

Recent outcomes of HIV infection from PHE show that over the past year, 90% of the UN and the United Nations United Nations (UNAIDS) United Nations and United Nations have fulfilled three crucial goals.

  • 92% of HIV infected people in the UK are diagnosed
  • 98% of people diagnosed with cure
  • 97% of people who are receiving treatment have failed to switch to the infection

Overall, 87% of people living with HIV in the UK have no viral load, and others can not be infected.

All countries in the world have been granted up to 2020, but in 2017 the UK achieved targeted targets.

Income to the UK has diminished HIV testing, increased condoms, and faster treatment of people.

Prep Exposure Prep may also be a common cause of daily tablets that turn off HIV before choking.

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The drug is a daily tablets that eradicate HIV before taking an organism

The report has been showing a trend towards a new HIV diagnosis and HIV prevalence trend over the years.

In 2017, 4363 new cases of HIV registered in the UK – 3,236 men, and about half of them were diagnosed late.

Professor Noel Gill, head of HIV infection and HIV, said that the UK Department of Health has taken preventive measures.

But he says that people are testing HIV testing is crucial to stopping early diagnosis if they think they are dangerous.

"We need to strengthen our efforts to eliminate HIV.

"HIV treatment is free and accessible, allowing people to live a long, healthy life.

"There are various ways in which people can protect themselves, including HIV infection or condoms, medication, regular HIV testing, and immediate antiretroviral therapy."

In the UK, about 102,000 people are living with HIV, 8,000 (8%) believe they do not know about their infections.

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Terence Higgins Executive Director of the Trust Yen Green said the UK is "fantastic news" that has reached the UN goals.

But she said she needed new and ambitious goals.

"It's far from the end and it's time for us to ambitiate every time we try to end the new HIV epidemic in the UK.

"We must not be in danger because of the momentous moment we are in, and our self-sacrificing efforts."

Executive Director of the National Medical Insurance Fund Deborah Gold said the UK is currently a global leader in the fight against HIV.

"This is a special moment in the fight against HIV.

"With appropriate political will, investment and public support, we can take a step closer to the achievement of United Nations's goal of eliminating HIV as a threat to public health and addressing stigma associated with HIV."

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