Sunday , August 7 2022

Bethesda offers 500 ATOM customers to Fallout 76 hinges •


You are surprised if you know that you have completed the Fallout 76 dispute around the game. Bethesda now has problems with ventilators, promising a canvas bag for a $ 200 (156 lb) Power Armor Edition game.

Now, when trying to collect fans, Bethesda apologized and promised the affected customers 500 Atoms (the Fallout 76 game currency) as compensation.

The block-gateway bases started last week when buyers of the Power Armor Edition noticed that something in their luxury package was noticeable. Clients began to compare the advertising material for the publication and reported that Bethesda had changed the specification of the bag after the complaint was filed. True, the official Bethesda Store now makes the bag of nylon, but the picture still reads on the canvas, as it is for the product, like the Amazon listing.

Some were deeply upset over what was described as the Bethesda action "Closely Following Their Roads", customers placed multiple screening screenshots for customer service victims, one for the customer: "The prototype of the bags in the media was too expensive to do. . «

Bethesda then confirmed this email, but the response was incorrect. The company has replaced the nylon carrier "in the absence of materials", says Bethesda. As the customer service officer said above, Bethesda said they were Bethesda or Bethesda Game Studios, a non-working, temporary contract employee.

When trying to resolve this situation, Bethesda offers 500 per cent compensation to the affected customers and has set up a support page for those who purchase Power Armor Edition. In world money, 500 atoms can be purchased for $ 3.99, but as many social media outlets claim, it's a packet of 700 atomic insufficient tanks to buy a game of clothing with a canvas. Even if you remove the cloth or plastic from the wastes, it is still unapproved.

Though Bethesda is still clean, is it enough to calm the fans who have thrown hundreds of dollars away from the idea that the game should be a luxury version of the game? One of the clients, who posted a screenshot of the support message with LanternCupcake, is invisible.

"I was very upset about paying about $ 300 for such poor quality products and then knew that they knew about changes that lasted several months," he said. "I think they have to deliver something that they promise – coffers, I do not want to pay compensation, or something else, but what I want to buy."

The online reaction to Bethesda's actions is mostly negative. As the Reddit user SenorBeef points out, transferring virtual currency to Bethesda will not cost you directly. "Why do not people pay $ 50 or even $ 100? The actual refund of $ 5 in the virtual currency is no more than $ 5, "they said.

The only thing Bethesda has to offer is the triumph of PR. Until now, the packaging gate may last for some time than the reaction.

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