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Brecht: Hammond demands "genuine" talks with the EU


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The government should go to the "real negotiations with the EU", said former Chancellor Philip Hammond.

In his first posthacker speech last month, Hammam said that Brexit would "crush the UK."

"It would be a small England with a decline in the truth and an inner view," he said in an article in Times.

No deals will not be "betrayal of the 2016 referendum," he said, "it should not be."

Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged the EU to abolish the Irish frontier plan until October 31, before Brecht's term expires.

Most Brezilians voted against the Theresa Mai bargaining concern over the backyard – after Brexit Ireland will not have a strong borderline if it is followed by Northern Ireland adhering to some EU regulations.

In his article, Mr. Hammond said: "The most pressing issue that requires the rearrangement of changes and the complete removal is a tough stance from the negotiations to the scourge. That it can not join the EU and not participate in it. "

According to him, this "disagreement will be painful" and "all reliable economic analysis shows that the losses are far more than the potential benefits".

"Brexit has no mandate, and Brexit has no parliamentary mandate," he added.

"Red lines are alarming"

Mr. Hammam says, "Most people in the country want us to leave or stay in 2016, but we do not want to reduce the cost of living or reduce the cost of living.

"The parliament honors this view of the majority, and this is its voice."

Remarks by Mr. Hammond According to Downgrint, Parliamentary Group expects Brexit to block the deal by trying to adopt parliament when it arrives next month.

Speaking on Tuesday, Commons spokesman John Berke said he believed the MPs could stop any breach of Brexit and promised Mr. Johnson to stop the parliament from reaching that goal.

Earlier, Secretary of Labor and Pensions urged Amber Rudd Johnson not to resort to force by temporarily stopping him.

He said to the BBC: "I will remain a great figure of Parliament and parliamentary sovereignty and will continue to argue about the part that I work with parliament not for the government's executive power."

He also informed Mr. Hammamand and other 20 Toru deputies of the Prime Minister about the Prime Minister's request that the Irish back plate be "set aside so that there is no real deal of transaction".

According to them, they are afraid that they "do" the red lines you want, "which would make it impossible for them to reach an agreement with the EU."

The group also demands that Mr. Johnson intend to come to an agreement with the EU and declare his willingness to compromise with his promises made publicly and privately during his leadership campaign.

The Cabinet has seven more ministers, including David Liddington, David Gauke, Rory Stewart, and Greg Clark, all of whom have resigned before Mr. Johnson's nomination.

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