Tuesday , August 16 2022

Brecken Talks: Appliances have refused to give full legal advice to the government under the agreement


The government has given a new impetus to the publication of a full legal advice on a deal made in Breken.

In the Downing Street statement, he releases the "full proof" statement of his political and legal position on the "Conditional Agreement".

This step was interesting for members of the Labor Party and Tory Brexiteer, who demanded full coverage.

Conservative MP Peter Bonn described the full legal advice of the Attorney General Geoffrey Cox as "dangerous."

MP Peter Bons at the beginning of this month (Downing Street 10)

In an interview with Daily Telegraph, he says, "People think that legal advice is not supported by their own business, and therefore they do not want to be published.

"It is a very dangerous precedent for the executive to oppose the parliament.

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"Perhaps they will try to delay the publication of the voting process, but it will be worse."

The secretary of Shadow Brexit, Kane Starmar, noted that the situation was incomplete.

Labor Ca Starmer required a full legal advice (PA)

He urged ministers to strengthen their vote to announce a legal council and to lower the resistance of their ministers and to make a decision not to allow harmful defeat.

He said: "In this very important phase, the parliament should be provided with the information necessary to find out which agreements have been reached and what voting is required.

"Labor and parliament do not accept anything without the full legal assistance provided to the cabinet.

"The legal conclusion is insufficient and does not meet the unanimous decision of the Association."

Leader of the Conservative Brexiters Group of the ERG Group, James Roys-Mogg, said: "This is a very important issue.

"If the government did not want to announce it, it would have to stand up for it.

"You can not afford to go to the polls and then tell them later" yah, boo, we denied it. "

The prime minister's spokesperson said the move was consistent with the commitment of the Minister of the Cabinet David Lidints to the House Deputies.

"It's a statement on a fully grounded position on the withdrawal agreements and protocols that offer the political and legal status of the government. So there is a commitment two weeks ago. "

Representatives of the Cabinet also wrote that the ministers are fully aware of the UK's EU accession vis-à-vis the UK's veto on the timing of the UK's full-fledged legal advice on Northern Ireland's customs assistance.

The Government tries to force Theresa May leave the EU for Breck's economic impact analysis.

According to Downing Street, the prime minister declares that the only way to protect jobs and investments is to refuse to sign a contract.

He then goes to Scotland on the second day of the election campaign, as he appeals to ordinary voters, who support his plan, to the heads of the Deputies.

Analysis of the treasury came to the conclusion that in May, under the terms of a non-binding agreement with Brussels, the UK would be much better than the UK did not allow the riots in Brussels.

The ministers also say that if they refuse, the UK may be defeated if the UK is to remain in the EU, if they abandon it.

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